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Future Technology
I am currently consulting at IPG Media Lab.

Video Marketing
I've been doing a great deal of video direciton lately. Here's the latest for Rice University's, Open Stax College

On the side, I just finished designing 2 responsive website experiences and more are coming down the pipeline. Links coming soon.

Recently finished branding 2 start-ups and a Manhattan-based marketing firm, Clear Inc.

Bringing new business to Control Group and working on the experiential CXNY project for Oracle.

Late March, 2013 kicks off the the design and development of a new app. Tentative launch is Summer 2013.
Digital Rants

"I create beautiful useful solutions for the worlds top thinkers, agencies, brands and users."

Over the years, I've written several statements to outline and declare my own value, purpose and views. While my passion is consistent, the statements change to reflect an evolving zeitgiest and skill set.

Yogi Berra once said, "The future ain't what it used to be.", but many things fundamentally remain the same; storytelling, patterns, behaviors and needs. In coming across a consumer-centric rant from 2006, I was struck with how much of it is still valid today.

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Digital This, Digital that.

Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, but it doesn't mean squat unless there’s a good marketing strategy to back it up. Engaging consumers takes more than a good design aesthetic with targeted consumer appeal and a newsletter sign up button.

In addition to guiding consumers through the standard awareness, consideration and activation tunnel, a plan to nurture their relationship while keeping them engaged on their terms is key to a successful marketing plan.

Content used to be king, now what people are talking about is king. Branded experiences have evolved into entire ecosystems, yet in the end, the consumer still controls and guides the conversation. Providing users the opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience, make an emotional connection, create communities, play and purchase, takes the conversation further.

By the way, It's OK to be consumer-centric and still look hot! Digital needs and expectations have changed and sophisticated experiences are now the norm. The challenge is to appropriately provide the correct solution for the marketing task at hand while keeping a keen eye towards the future. Great design, simplicity and relevancy combine to create the winning experience.

When successfully planned, integrated and executed, Digital is more than a device or vehicle. More than any other medium, it has the ability to both offer and embrace the true spirit of a brand.

–Brian Hull, 2006.

Seems to be having a bit of a resurgence lately. Here's small, simple and uncluttered: Catalyst Studios. Here's complicated and messy: Dangelico Guitars.

A Great Brand Turns 150
As the Tube celebrates 150 years in operation it is now hailed as a great British brand with official merchandise and licensed products bringing in £5m a year.

Communication Arts
The 2013 Typography Annual unviels a refresh that unifies their identityacross all of their channels. Added bonus? Free Stetson font from designer, Paul Soulellis.

Amon Tobin Projection Mapping
By Leviathan. Leviathan designed custom Kinect controls and visualization utilities to create breathtaking performance visuals for Amon Tobin's latest tour.
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